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"QualiSci has enabled our businesses to improve the efficiency, quality and speed of key business processes including management of New Product Development, R&D performance, new ideas and concepts, and resource allocation."
-Scott D. Boyce, Ph. D., Director System Deployment, Rohm and Haas

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Developing new products using a Phase Review process?

Start Smart.
How you start the race often determines if you finish first. In the world of new product development, speed to market is the key to success. Now there is a way to be on time and on budget, right out of the starting gate. It is possible by employing manageable new product development processes using InnovateEx software created through the union of QualiSci and the Microsoft Office System.
To improve new product development throughput, GateEX software takes an idea through a series of "gates" where decisions are made whether a project should continue to be funded based on projections of success. InnovateEx is an integrated system that manages the new product development process workflow, stores all documents in a single central repository with access control, automatically maps and transfers data from one key project document to another through xml smart templates, collates and compiles all data into fully-customizable portfolio analysis charts, summaries and reports for real-time analysis and decision making. By employing a manageable, predictable and sustainable new product development process, companies are getting better product to market on-time and on-budget, and increasing return on investment. QualiSci's InnovateEx and Microsoft Office help information workers and the companies they work for realize their potential.

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